Ribe, Kenya Water Project (2014-2017)

In the Fall of 2014, Heritage identified a new mission focus of "living water" for our souls and the world. In conjunction with this, we wanted to help people of the world who need pure drinking water. 

To help us reach out, we undertook a new mission project, "Water for Kenya," already initiated by Carroll University in Waukesha. Dr. David Block, Professor Emeritus at Carroll and former Heritage member was our facilitator. 

Watch a video about the project

During the Winter and Spring 2015, special offerings were gathered from two special water services that our youth facilitated at Heritage and at Forest Park Presbyterian. We collected $704, which was matched by a donor found by Dr. David Block. This was enough to purchase two water storage tanks. The tanks were delivered on Christmas Eve.

In Fall 2016, Heritage "hit the road" to share our congregation's gifts of music and drama. We were blessed to have experienced the joy and meaningfulness of services in Montreat, North Carolina and each of the churches that we visited really appreciated the meaning, drama, music and most importantly the mission of our service.

The $1552 we raised will be matched by Carroll University to provide $3104 for the Ribe Water Project. The water tanks needed range in price from $250 - $350 each. Our gift will mean 6-10 new, life-changing water tanks for a small village in Kenya. Something we take for granted will now be available without walking for hours. And it will be clean and safe.

During January and February 2017 many of our members led our Water Service "Sharing God’s Word through Music, Drama, and Beauty” at three area churches, Southminster and First Presbyterian in Waukesha and Living Hope in Menomonee Falls. 

It was fantastic to worship with a new congregation each week, sing with new choir members and have wonderful conversation with fellow Presbyterians who really appreciated the entire worship experience. Everyone had their favorite parts and it was wonderful to hear from them. But even more worthwhile was the opportunity to volunteer our talents and time to lead and share valuable information about a necessary and significant cause. The members of these churches learned about the purpose and goals of this project and they gave generously. We were able to raise $4,000 in donations. David Block and donors through his church and Carroll University will match this for a total of $8,000!

In addition to miscellaneous installed surface water storage tanks, the big Ribe water project news this year centered on completion of the community deep well. When the pipeline is run up to the girls’ secondary boarding school, the 2016-17 Ribe Water Project will be considered complete.

Music Videos from Water Services

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